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Monday, March 29, 2010

Playing in Portland

I'm so glad I live where all kinds of neat stuff is right at our fingertips. After finding Dale's remains on Sunday I decided I couldn't just sit still. We piled Sam, the monkey and I into the car and cruised into the Portland area in search of birds and an opportunity to get out, even if it was windy, cold and raw. This is what our afternoon looked like!

Stroudwater Falls - Westbrook Street

 Exposure - 1/800 Aperture f/4.0 ISO 160

Exposure - 1/50 Aperture f/32.0 ISO 1600

 I guess this little guy things he's the owner of the falls, he barked his fool snout off

Congress Street - behind Union Station 
 I couldn't tell you the last time I saw a train, and I live here!

The Portland Fish Pier 
 The Paulo Marc

Trawling Nets

 Common Eiders

Fort Allen Park - Portland's East End
 Ride em' Monkey!
The plate below the cannon

Fort Gorges

Got a quarter?

Spring Point Light park - South Portland
Sammie leads the Monkey

Spring Point Light

The Portland Headlight, Cape Elizabeth
Stand tough little Monkey

Ram Island Light, from the Portland Headlight

Two Lights State Park
Let him out to play, I'm staying right here. It's too cold out there for me.

Ahhh, a playground. He doesn't care how cold it is! Sam and I waited in the car.

Dyer Point, the actual home of the 'Two Lights'
The Eastern Tower

Breaking surf

An Eider fly-by

 I love that we can spend less than three hours on the road to enjoy a day like this. Maine is a great place to live!


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