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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Eastern trail, Pine Point Beach and Backyard news

Howdy folks! It's been a very busy and fun day for us, not sure if I can squeeze it all in!

First of all - my allergy attack ended up as a sinus infection and a prescription for Amoxicillian. Yeah! Second, we haven't seen Dale since the other day - hopefully I didn't scare him off by telling everyone about him (or that the neighbors didn't have him for supper the other night). Last, Monkey needs a Palate Expander then a retainer. At least my portion (after insurance and the ex) is just under $500. Life is fantastic! Woo! Sarcarsm is great!

Ok - on to today. Talked to mom for our customary hour first thing this morning, then showered, dressed and packed the kid into the car for a run in town. We went to Borders where we picked up some books - six of them - for $30.00. Impressive? I think so! While there Bubster called to see what we were up to - we stuck to our promise to pick him up around noontime so he could stay with us for the day. We finished up our morning with a stop at the grocery store then picked him up. After playing in the yard, we packed up the bikes and headed to the Eastern Trail for a quick (and brisk!) bike/hike to the treeline and back. Then we hit Pine Point Beach for some sand frollicking and met two massive Irish Wolfhounds from Lewiston (the male was only a year old and 140 pounds!). Their daddy wasn't bad to talk to either. :) A quick stop at Pine Point Lobster Pound roused up some Long Tailed Ducks then we headed home. Domino's was ordered and the boys are now all snuggled up in the big frumpy chair / couch watching Home Alone 2. I'm going to slam / crash clean this place so we can go out and play again tomorrow..... I love weekends. ♥ ! Pics are below, and more can be found at my Picasa Photo Site.

We've recently discovered a Cooper's Hawk hanging out in the back yard. I saw him yesterday, this morning and again this afternoon. I actually SAW him pluck a Mourning Dove out of the tree, then found this stash immediately afterward. I would say that he's doing a number on my backyard friends!

 Canadian Goose @ Smiling Hill Farm

 Mallard @ Smiling Hill Farm

 Mallard @ Smiling Hill Farm

 The Chickadees have been putting the Thistle seeds right to them lately

 Good Lord, he looks like he's 16

 I brushed the dog, then set her fur out for anything interested in nest material

The boys 'Slam-dunking' in the front yard

A whole bag of powdered donuts - gone.

A very windy and chilly ride across the bridge on the Eastern Trail


Black Ducks on the Eastern

One of the many Song Sparrows we saw along the edge of the Eastern Trail

Pine Point Beach

One of the many pooches we saw today, made me miss Sammie!

The High Tide mark. From what I can tell, not many Maine beaches will have a beach at high tide this year! Crazy how much erosion happened over the winter....

That horse in front of Bubster is a 140 pound Irish Wolfhound!

Frozen Beach Bums

Long Tailed Ducks at the Pine Point Lobster Pound beach

Herring Gull - Pine Point Lobster Pound


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