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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Getting what you ask for...it sure feels like Spring!

Well, I wanted the next season and for once I actually got exactly what I wanted. I wonder how long this will last? At 10:30 this morning it was 60 degrees on my back porch. I shut off the heat and put the screens in the livingroom windows and back slider. The first thing I noticed was how noisy it was outside, which prompted me to listen a little closer. Holy crap, I had about 50 busy little Goldfinches out there singing away as happy as they could be. I even bit the bullet and put the birdbath out back and immediately it was full of yellowing bodies drinking and bathing away. Of course there's alot of territorial battling going on, so I planted my toushie in a chair on the back lawn and captured these photos. I have to admit, I have some fiesty birdies in my back yard!


Hey, I haven't seen one of these since last summer!

Did you do this for us?

Peter - Peter - Peter!

I am the Masked Avenger

And for my next trick.....


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