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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Backyard Birdhouse Updates

More in season now than back in April, the houses are starting to hop with activity. Mr & Mrs. Bluebird kept me busy watching them claim the two houses they wanted - presumably for their current clutch and then a second one in the roadside box, and the swallows finally settled for the Juniper box. Even the chickadees are building a new nest in the Woodline Chick box - it's starting to really feel like spring around here, especially now that summer is right around the corner.

The typical chickadee nest in the Woodline Chick box. 
Look closely on the lower left side of the picture - do you see the face? 

Obviously your last peek at the baby bluebirds in their box....
"Hide your face! If you can't see her she can't see us!"

Mrs. Tree Swallow refused to leave the box, and we didn't argue with her. 
We'll just take that as 'she has eggs in there'. 

"Hi lady. I don't know if I like you that close, and I'm not getting up - so you can go away now"


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