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Monday, May 21, 2012

The Days in May....

Well, I made it. I made it through training, another birthday, mother's day, opening ceremonies for baseball and allergy season. May has been a rather interesting but successful month for me (thank goodness), but I'm not going to sit here and brag about it - except for the part where I pulled out the lawn mower and it started right up. That makes me a very happy girl. 

Happy Spring - pics from the 'Foreside.

The lilacs blossomed for the first time ever

Remember the Lawnmower man? Yeah - this is my version, and yes, those are my Bogs 

My earliest Bluebird babe hatch ever

And they are already pin-feathered and getting big quick

♥ Growing too quickly

Another successful trip to the trout pond!

My cute new birdhouse that will probably never get used. Looks good though.

My Mother's Day present, a beautiful new Azelea

Back yard iz fun mum! Chase me!

A touch of sun

Monkeys in the back woods


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