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Monday, March 24, 2014

Signs of Spring in Maine

My mom recently mentioned that here in Maine, we don't get spring. She's kinda right - typically it goes from 6' of snow and 10 degrees to brown grass and 80 degrees in a day. This winter has been especially long and snowy (with another storm expected this week) and although it's officially spring, it doesn't feel like it much. Here are what signs we DO have of warmer days and buds blooming.......

Road Posting: This means you can't bring your vehicle registered for 23,000 pounds and up onto a Posted road until the frost underneath is gone - typically around May (thank you Maine.gov DOT). It also usually means that the road is already tore up so drink up some of your coffee so it doesn't slosh everywhere and hopefully you don't already have to use the bathroom, 'cause this isn't going to be a fun ride.

Brown Grass:  Everyone gets all excited to see the snow melting but that's usually followed by my most dreaded thing ever.... BROWN GRASS. You can tell exactly where everyone's septic system is, because that's where the brown grass shows up first (obviously, we know where mine is). It's usually covered with sticks and twigs from the blustery winter winds. In about 6 months it turns green and needs to be mowed.

Squirrels:  Oh yeah - they are around all year round but in the spring they seem to quadruple in numbers and can really put a dent in the bird seed fund. This one here is probably pregnant with about 5 more of those gray monsters, they must be related to rabbits or something. 

Frost Heave signs:  Typically used in conjunction with the Posted signs, this sign really means "Lookout, you're about to rip the undercarriage of your vehicle right out". If you're missing a hubcap, just look on the sides of the road when you see these signs and you could potentially find a replacement. Be sure to slow down Bub, you might just ruin your alignment.

Dirty Snow:  You can't deny it, there is nothing worse to look at than dirty snow. I would rather see it all melt at once or keep snowing to stay pristine white than look at this all the time. Blech.

Pot Holes: See Frost Heaves above but please note - they don't put signs up for these babies.

Leaf Blowers:  Seriously people, wait for the leaves to fall first. 


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