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Sunday, March 16, 2014

NEFC Soccer & Mystic River Parkway - Medford, MA

Another whirlwind weekend, this time in Medford Massachusetts for the NEFC (New England Football Conference)  boys classic, which is for Elite and Premier soccer clubs across the New England states. Don't panic, it's not Gender only - the girls will be doing it next weekend. 

I was in charge of 2 other boys besides my own, getting them to Medford and hanging out for the 6 hours between games. Temps reached 60 there until the wind picked up, blah! Always up for adventure (but never one to drive around in a crowded city) we did make it along the Mystic River Parkway, which I think would be gorgeous in the spring/summer and I hope we make it back. The Medford High School turf was fabulous (looks brand new!) and offered great views of Boston. 

We ended our day in Medford with a win and a tie against some scrappy New Hampshire and Massachusetts team, you'll have to stay on the edge of your seat to see if we made it to the finals, but at this point currently in 2nd place.....  

The Mystic River

And it's Parkway

Thanks for the WiFi Medford Public Schools!

House Sparrows were everywhere, chirping their little hearts out

Trees budding galore!

The Boston skyline


The end of a long day, courtesy of boys with the camera


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