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Thursday, March 27, 2014

They're baaacccckkk! The return of the Turkey Vultures

To me, the surest signs of spring are the return of certain birds. Maple Syrup Sunday does nothing for me, but seeing Turkey Vultures sure does. I've seen a few the past couple of weeks but on my way home this weekend I spotted this guy just sitting on the chimney of an abandoned house like some premonition of what it looked like on the inside. 

Turkey Vultures, or Buzzards, can be found from South America to southern Canada. The name isn't because they like to eat Wild Turkeys, but more because they share the same coloration as their feathered but non-related friends. These Vultures are carrion eaters (dead stuff) and have this amazing sense of smell & sight that allows them to hone in on carcasses for their next meal. One last neat tidbit of information for you - they are lacking the ability to make noise and therefore hiss and grunt instead. No wonder they are so quiet.  


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