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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Biddeford Pool Snowies and Goose Rocks find - Maine

Last weekend found me at the University of New England in Biddeford for the boy's first official NEP soccer game. I was pretty excited to be in the area since it's only minutes from Biddeford Pool and I was hoping to get my Snowy sighting in before the warm temps drove them north. After a rousing 9-0 win off I drove towards Mile stretch Road.

It didn't take much, directly across the intersection of 208 and Mile Stretch were a sea of bodies, about 20-30 people, all standing around with cameras, telescopes and craning necks looking upward. I sighed, the people who live in the area must just love the hub-bub. After taking a left I looked up and there it was, a beautiful puff of buff atop a pole in someone's back yard. I snapped a quick pic and drove the loop down and around Ocean Ave to take in the breathtaking views of the ocean. 

On my way back through I watched the chimney tops looking to see if I could find a bird of my own and sure enough - there was this pretty white head poking up above a bright red chimney. I laughed - well this one found a good hiding spot. He was pristine white and oh so pretty. 

I decided I better get out of dodge so I headed south towards Goose Rocks beach. There isn't anyplace to really stop and take in the view, but I thought it was worth a try to see if any Snowies were hanging out down there. I struck out but did happen upon a handsome red-tailed hawk trying to get his prize kill - a gray squirrel - to a safe eating ground without the crows hounding him. There were already 10-12 cah-cawing around and he didn't look happy to see them - or me. 

Lastly, before heading out I noticed a little face peeking out of a birdhouse along the edge of the Rachel Carlson area so I slowed for a closer look. Imagine that a female house sparrow had already staked her claim on a nice little beach house. I guess it's never too soon to look for beach rentals.


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