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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Coopers Hawk on the hunt

We've gotten some snow lately - alot of it. I'm in heaven, but that's another blog. This one is more sinister and serious. During one recent storm, my son looked out the back window and told me to bring the camera. There, perched on a large limb above my treeline feeder, was a Coopers hawk.

I snapped these images then my son spooked him away.

A little later on as I was working/on the phone and gazing out the back window at a sweet little junco as he pecked through the snow for niblets when out of nowhere - lightening fast - that same hawk snagged him and disappeared so quickly I shook my head wondering if I had even seen what I thought I saw. The only thing left behind were two feathers and the wingprints in the snow.

And we think our lives are hard.

The classic rounded white tail helps to identify this as a Coopers vs a Sharp Shinned hawk


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