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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Backyard XC Skiing - more fun than you would think

Here in the Northeast, we haven't had much of a break. I'm not going to get all freak-a-zoid like The Weather Channel forecasters and start ranting about how "Everyone in the Northeast is just SICK, SICK, SICK of the SNOW!" because that's not true. I still have a giddy feeling every time I hear of another storm coming and I was emotionally trainwrecked with the blizzard that was supposed to occur last weekend fizzled and sputtered like a dying flame and we only got 4 inches. 

When it hasn't been snowing, we've been sick with a head cold and cough, reinfecting each other over and over again like the perfect sharing mother and son that we are. 

Being vacation week and all, we were home the whole time and since it was so cold and the roads aren't really all that great, I decided to take advantage of my own back yard and broke in a couple of cross country trails looping through the woods out back. 

I always forget how much fun it is to be in the peaceful silence of my own back yard with the chickadees sweetly singing to me.

*Images taken with my new toy - the GoPro! 


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