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Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Saco Heath in Fall - Saco, Maine

I was headed to Saco to do a little shopping and was distracted by the fabulous fall foliage on an 85 degree September day (a total fluke here in Maine). As I neared the parking area for the Saco Heath I realized that A) I was alone, B) I had my camera with me, C) it was gorgeous out and D) I've never been to the Heath in the fall. 

That's it - I'm going!

It took me no time to walk the mile round trip but it felt like a lifetime was spent just staring at the beauty surrounding me. Sorry for all the pics but man, I couldn't not share!

More information on the Heath can be found here: The Saco Heath Preserve and I highly recommend if you're in the area.

Indian Pipe


Spinulose Wood Fern, changing it's colors already


And the trail through the woods opens up to the Heath

Pitch Pine, yellowed from the acidity of the Heath

Birch Polypore, looking more like noses to me

Tawny Cottongrass, swaying in the breeze

Remnants of the old boardwalk - kudos to whoever did all the work, it's fabulous!

Blueberry bushes turning bright red, winterberry bushes bright yellow

More boardwalk leftovers - ready for a burning

The trail leads to a wooded area that loops around (it's almost like an 'island' in the middle of the heath)

I chose to check out the outlook

I SWORE that was a moose back there (the dark spot middle left). It wasn't. lol

They are saving the nails from the old boardwalk parts :)

This Smooth Green snake scared the crap out of me - I almost stepped on him!

Peat (Sphagnum) Moss


The biggest "Large Cranberry" I've ever seen!

Cranberries in the bog

The Blueberry bushes looked like they were in fire

Tamarack Trees


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