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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Fort Point State Park - Stockton Springs, Maine

This sweet little gem is often overlooked, and rightfully so. It's not loud like the Portland Headlight, it's kind of out of the way, it doesn't offer sweeping views of a rocky crashing coastline but it does one job and does it well - it let's fishing vessels know if it's the Penobscot River they need - they are on the right path.

Fort Point was originally the home of Fort Pownell, constructed in 1759 with the intention of use by the English during war times. It was burned by American rebels in 1775 in retaliation of the British. In 1836 the lighthouse was built to assist vessels navigating the Penobscot river. The Fog House containing the 1200 lb cast iron bell put in place in 1890 is still there but no longer works, as automation of the light and signal has been added. Later, the Fort Point Hotel was built to bring the wealthy elite to the area but unfortunately it burned to the ground in 1898 after just 26 years. As you can tell - this will peninsula has really had it's share of excitement!

Fort Point State park is open for public use with 120 acres of walking trails and rocky shores to explore. On this particular day we stuck to just walking around the lighthouse, but I really look forward to stopping by again soon to check out the shoreline. It's worth going out of your way - trust me. 

Love, love, love this lighthouse!


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