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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Crossing the Deer Isle bridge - Deer Isle, Maine

When you travel the road to Stonington, you have to cross onto Deer Isle. To do so, you inevitably have to cross the Eggemoggin tidal water and that means only one thing - the Deer Isle bridge. 

It's a narrow suspension bridge that has you climbing 85 feet in the air to cross over and scares the crap out of me every single time. The views from the highest point help to ease the white knuckle ride for me a little bit, when I dare to look away from the road. And heaven help me if there are cars coming in the opposite direction. 

On the Deer Isle side of things there is a boat launch where you can park and walk under the bridge so long as the tide allows. We found a few treasures under there and just really enjoyed the view. 

Heed the warning - Trucks & buses over 20,000 pounds require a 500 ft spacing.

The road you see is crossing Little Deer Isle onto Deer Isle (yes, there are two)

Someone's been dropping off their shell parts :)

A pair of Ospreys circled overhead and maintained their 'post' atop the bridge

A lonely tree growing directly under the bridge. I wonder what will happen when it outgrows it's space?

This makes me sad. Some lobster seller/restaurant had a few of it's prize possessions die before they were sold and just dumped them off. I suppose it's a good spot, they will still be eaten, just not by humans.

And that's probably a 4 or 5 pound lobster right there, it's crushing claw was as big as my hand!


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