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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Camden Hills State Park - Camden, Maine

A popular stopping point off Rt 1 if you're going 'coastal' is Camden Hills State park. Very easy to find, just on the outskirts of Camden, there is an campground, a road that you can drive up to the top of the mountain and then miles of trails for hiking.

The auto road brings you to Mt. Battie, with a height of 780' and sweeping views of the Atlantic Ocean, Camden,  Isleboro, North Haven, Deer Isle and Rockland - then when you turn to look over your shoulder, you'll find Ragged Mountain (home of the Camden Snow Bowl and the famous toboggan races) and Bald Mountain. To facilitate your viewing experience, there is a tower that was built in 1921 to show appreciation of those who fought in the world war. The tower itself is a bit of a marvel. 

The other mountains of the park consist of Mt. Megunticook, standing at 1385 feet, Maiden Cliff, back down to 800 feet but with sweeping views of Megunticook lake, Bald Rock Mountain at 1200 feet, Garey Mountain - 790 feet, Derry Mountain at 777 feet and last but not least - Frohock Mountain at 454 feet. You could spend days at the park just walking trails.  

On this particular day, we stuck with the auto road. :)

Mt. Megunticook, towering over Mt. Battie

Ragged (left) and Bald (right) Mountains - you can see the trails of the Camden Snow Bowl

Camden Harbor


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