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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Reid State Park - Georgetown, Maine

We've become quite the untraditional family. Since we have family scattered everywhere, we tend to break into groups where folks are located. My poor mother lives closest to me so well, she's stuck with us.... but I don't think she minds at all.

For Easter this year, we decided to go to Reid State Park. This is one of those ones that you have to pay to get into (but thanks to my Park Pass, I saved $9.00 on this trip) and the funds go back to maintenance of the parks. Reid is located in Georgetown, just southeast of Bath and across the Kennebec River from Phippsburg and another great park - Popham Beach. It was sunny, clear and slightly breezy as we walked the span of beach from the northernmost parking area down to the southernmost one (which was closed at the time). We saw plenty of birds (post on it's way) and just enjoyed the peaceful crashing of the waves. 

The jury is out on whether or not I would make the drive to visit this beach in the summer. It appears as though at high tide, there basically is no beach and is slightly reminiscent of Ferry Beach in Scarborough where at high tide, you can easily take a frisbee to the head if younger ones are bored (or frozen) from the swimming scene. I'll have to scope it out for further discussion - otherwise, this was a great birdwatching and overall visual experience.

From the Northern parking area, looking southward

The walkway up to the viewing area

I would guess that this was once a Polyphemus moth's home

Flight patterns

Sequin Island Lighthouse

Someone found a magical sea creature on the shore

The Cuckholds Lighthouse


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