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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Northern Flicker - Buxton Front Yard

Our backyard isn't the only place around here where we encounter some odd creatures - the front yard gets some visitors too. The other day my son calmly mentioned that there was 'something' on the front lawn and that I better bring the camera. He's a smart kid.

Sitting there burrowing into my sandy front lawn (no doubt in search of ants) was this male Northern Flicker. Flickers love ants and well, they are more than welcome to the colonies I have on my lawn. These noisy critters are ready to start their courtship and I'm sure that somewhere nearby is his mate. You can tell the difference between the two as the male has a black mustache (or looks like he drooled out of the corner of his mouth to me) and the female does not. 

Just proof, once again, that you don't have to stray far from home to see some really awesome birds!

Taken through my front (screened) window so he has a great natural filter in this photo. I know teenage girls who dream to have a flawless complexion like that in their senior photos.

Digging in for dinner

Posing perfectly to show off all but the 'yellow shafts' on his undertail, this mail proudly displays his red 'crown', black 'mustache', striped back and dotted underbody. 

"Do you need me to turn more? How is this? Is this my good side?"


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