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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Common Grackle

One of the more handsome critters in the backyard, although one of the more pains that visit the feeders, are the Grackles. These guys travel in great numbers but then settle into smaller groups for the breeding season - only to gather back up to travel south in the late summer/early fall. The males are striking with their iridescent feathers changing from blue to purple to olive green from it's head to tail. Their brilliant yellow eyes are almost creepy looking in a way, or I think they are - like they could look right through you. These guys can get into my feeders and literally wipe me out worse than the Bluejays that like to frequent the yard. 

"Did you say my eyes were 'creepy'?"

"Let me give you my 'librarian looks over her glasses' look and just refill the feeder lady"


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