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Friday, April 25, 2014

Chipping Sparrows

My outdoor living space is a combination of woods, field and a very large yard. I have plenty of cover, thanks to some oaks and massive pine trees, to support the little birdies that go to my feeders and because of that, I have plenty of types that come to visit (and others to stay!). 

One of my favorites is the Chipping Sparrow. They are not timid by all means and most of the time you can practically step on them in the yard before they retreat to the safety of the trees. Their bright rust colored cap and their trilly voices make them pretty easy to point out, once you've seen them (they are among the tiniest of the sparrow family). 

They will nest in small shrubs (for me, my Clematis bush worked one year) and lay light blue eggs with dark colored streaks or spots. Incubation is 10-15 days and they will typically fledge 9-12 days after hatching. And then you get the privilege of watching all those chipper babies hopping around your yard. They typically eat seeds and such and are the ones you clean up all those little bits and parts from my feeders. Bugs come into the picture when they start the breeding process. 

I have so many hanging around right now that I'm bound to stumble across a nest eventually - or I hope so!


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