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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Easternmost Town in the US - Lubec, Maine

Lubec is a gorgeous place to visit, so long as you aren't expecting to get a taxi to the local hotel and be pampered with fine dining and dancing in the evenings. This sweet little town literally rolls up the sidewalks early and folks go to bed, since they all have to drive long distances or be on the boats really early in the morning to work.

I fell in love. 

Lubec has a rich history, starting when it was settled around 1775 and includes smuggling gypsum, fishing, tanning, gristmill and sawmill trades, boatbuilding, sailmaking and shipyard work. The town isn't very big - not big stores or restaurants and the last I knew the Apothecary is still there, not bought out by Rite Aid yet. They still have an IGA on the outskirts of town and I'm not 100% sure how those folks make it through the winter. Much more information can be found on it's history by checking the Maine Memory Network for Lubec.

The pictures below were taken on our trip late August/early September 2003 and are specific to the town of Lubec and immediate area.  


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