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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Snowy Owls in January - Biddeford Pool, Maine

The hype was on and my mom and I were joking about all the folks flocking to go and find Snowy Owls along the Maine coastline. Ok - I'm SORRY if you were one of them, keep reading! It turned out that I became one of you.

So the joke was - I was off in search of people in search of the elusive Snowy Owl. I was going to find and photograph crazy people with binoculars and 50,000 mm lenses chasing these white creatures around. I headed to Biddeford Pool.

I came screeching into town on two wheels, Ryan Bingham's Bread and Water jamming as loud as the stock Tundra's speakers could handle and singing to the top of my lungs. I was ready. Just as I got to the intersection of Shore Road there was a car pulled over but she was searching the marsh so I pulled forward, then I saw one - sitting on the chimney. That person looked normal so I figured I would behave, I turned left knowing that the bird "should be" still there when I returned. I figured everyone must be on the peninsula or something. I drove all the way around the "the Pool" scouring for people and birds and really saw neither. I saw a lot of shore birds, Mergansers, Eiders, Cormorants - that was really it. Maybe the cop sitting at the little town park had something to do with it.

On my way back towards Fortune's Rocks, I spotting a piece of driftwood that didn't look quite right. Sure enough - there was one. He was in the most inopportune spot - right in front of two houses perched like he was royalty. And I guess he was. I pulled over and snapped a pic or two and then out of nowhere some headhunters pulled up and right into the driveway of one of the houses. I half expected them to jump out and run up on the porch but they didn't. I drove by them slowly giving the evil eye and they must have spotted me, they put the car in reverse.

I moved back down to the marshy area to see if I could see the other Owl on the chimney still. He wasn't there. I was bummed for a second or two until ANOTHER vehicle came flying up and jammed on the breaks, jumped out with a camera and pointed it to the marsh. I turned and looked - well, whaddya know - there he is! Right in the middle of ducks and gulls and everything, this bad boy was sitting on a chunk of ice.

The car that had pulled in, with two woman in it, peeled out of the space ahead of me and spun off down towards Fortune's Rocks. I heard a funny noise, didn't think much of it and then suddenly the Owl took off from his perch, flew a little ways farther into the marsh and landed - way back. He turned and looked back to where I had heard the noise and there were those same two ladies, standing on someone's back lawn! I was like yeah, that's enough of that. I thought it was going to be FUNNy to stalk those people but instead, I felt terrible for the birds and their peace and quiet. I went in the Fortune's direction to head back out to see the surf and sure enough - those two crazy ladies and parked right in someone's driveway - doors wide open. ugh. Gives birders a bad name, those are the types of acts that gets property posted. It's not that important people - although I did make the drive too. Hmmm.....

"Thanks for dropping by and not chasing me around ma'am!"


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