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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Quoddy Narrows Beach - Lubec, Maine

When we scheduled our trip to Lubec oh so many years ago, I rented a house that sat on the beach of the Quoddy Narrows that runs between Lubec and Campobello Island in Canada. It was a huge two story home that contained 4 bedrooms, none that overlooked the water or the views (but the narrow bathroom did if you stood on the tub). Who was complaining? At the time I rented the place for $500 Sunday - Saturday and we made the best of it.

As I mentioned in a previous blog, the tides rise 18 - 22' from dead low so at low tide, you have millions of miles to walk and look for the best sea glass in a range of colors from cobalt blue to fire red, fine china pieces and odds and ends of everything imaginable. You just have to be careful because at times, the sand gets a little soupy and I wouldn't recommend going barefoot too far out. 

At high tide, there is literally no beach at all, so that's when it's best to do exploring to other areas like Campobello, Eastport, Cutler and other outlying areas. Or just get some lobsters and hang out at the house.


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