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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Mount Division Trail/Sebago to Sea - Otter Ponds area, Sebago Maine Part I

It was a Sunday, the boy with his dad and we had a blanket of fresh snow on the ground. How could I just sit around and do housework when my snowshoes were SCREAMING to get out? 

I wanted to snowshoe the power lines up the road but from the field end, since I've never been through there and it looks really 'gamey'. When I drove through, however, the new snowfall had forced the plowtrucks to fill in any reasonable parking space there could be, and I didn't feel like shoveling my truck out when I got done with my trek. So, I headed towards the Mt. Division Trail instead. 

I can't tell you how many times I've walked this trail. In the summers, it's cool. In the fall, it's gorgeous. In the spring, it's dry. In the winter, it's a very busy place with all the snowmobiles, cross country skiers and snowshoers, as well as those heading to the Ponds for a day of fishing. Today was really no different.

A few notes on this particular set of trails: this area is protected by the Portland Water District Watershed/Sebago Lake Land Reserve and in order to be authorized to be on the property, you have to fill out a permit or pay a penalty of $2500 if you don't play by the rules. It's a simple permit - name, address, vehicle info and why you are there, then you leave one copy in the box, put one on your dashboard and carry the other along with you. Then you're free to roam the trails. This area is also the location for a summer recreation camp for the YMCA called Otter Ponds Outdoor Adventure Camp (hey - that name is RIGHT up my alley!) that has a few shelters and buildings around the various ponds for when the kids are around. Last - the ponds are stocked with Brook Trout every year so watch out for rabid fishermen. 

My trek started in the Park Lot, navigating down through the trail dodging snowmobiles, a few skiers and one lady on snowshoes until I got to the point where the trails met. It was beautiful out with all that fresh snow and the smell of 2 stroke oil permeating the air. When I met the area where two snowmobile trails come together, I hung a left into the YMCA grounds to get away from the crazies. The first half of my trip can be found below......

All strapped in - let's rock and roll!

The kiosk where you fill out the One Day Access Permit. The horse sign kills me every.single.time.

Trail information can be found to the left of the kiosk

The shadows were just.... perfect!

This made me want to run but I had on snowshoes and I'm not that clever with them anymore. :)

This is where the trail condenses into one.. and the onslaught of snow machines began

So I hung a left into the Otter Pond Adventure area

Fox perhaps? Too far out for a cat....

Mouse tracks

And the lifeguard chair stand silent, empty and alone..... 

To be continued..


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