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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Evergreen Cemetery - Portland, ME

You may be thinking, "Ok, she's lost it. Why is a cemetery an adventure?" Because it is. Actually, Evergreen Cemetery is on the trail list of Portland Trails and provides the ability to walk changing terrain for miles via the various roads and paths and connects over to Baxter Woods which can also wind you along to Baxter Boulevard. I've been known to walk for 2 hours and put on almost 8 miles meandering around. It's also a major birding hotspot year round, in the summary home to numerous warblers. And all right in the city. 

Now that I've bored you with all that, let's move on. 

On this particular trip, I brought my camera. I haven't gone in search of headstones and notables in a long time - I know it sounds morbid. There is something peaceful in knowing that I'm fulfilling that family's intentions, of making sure that their beloved was recognized and thought of, even if I had no idea who they were. I see the family plots and wonder what it was like for them, what happened to them and how loved they must have been to have such elaborate statues and stones created to mark where they lie. 

Come join me in my journey around the Cemetery, and then maybe if you're in the area - you can take a trip of your own.

The main building provides information around the grounds, the trails and what to expect

I'm hoping he's not the caretaker... 

I like to take Western Avenue (to the right) down towards the duck ponds

After all those years of wear and tear, something's gotta give

Hmmmm, I feel like it's Halloween or something

This is one family plot and yes, those are all children and children's children. Some were all wiped out in the same year, probably due to a major outbreak of some kind.

Seriously - more ducks than one wants to count. All Mallards and a few Black Ducks.


A male Hairy Woodpecker watches me walk by

Hydrangeas unwilling to shed their skin 

Highfield Avenue

I wonder if she has brain freeze

Sunset Avenue

Almost exactly 100 years before I was born

The oldest stone I could find - she passed in 1849

The Civil War Monument


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