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Friday, February 28, 2014

Campobello Island, Canada

If you drive over the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Bridge from Lubec's route 189 with the valid information to cross over into Canada from the US (right now, it's a passport) you can enter a world of crazy roads and canadian accented people and get a view of East Quoddy Lighthouse, one of the most beautiful lighthouses I've ever seen. I wish I had known more about what my future would look like before entering the island, because I could have fulfilled a ton of my birding fantasies right there in one day but alas - I had no idea.

Instead, we drove blindly around the island in search of the famous lighthouse, briefly stopping at the Roosevelt Campobello International Park which contains Roosevelt Cottage, where the President and his wife would visit on vacation and then later into this fabulous tourist shop where there were so many fun things that we found we would have needed a box truck to take it all home. We drove by salmon pens, mussel rafts and fishing boats galore, stopping to watch a dump truck load up on a ferry and to let the boy run around in the coarse sand. 

And then the road stopped, and there it was - East Quoddy Light with the Bay of Fundy in the background. I jumped out - took pictures and then we turned around to go back the way we had come. We crossed back over the bridge after stopping to talk to the border patrol (it's always so much easier to get into Canada than it is to come back into the US) and then found something to eat before heading back to our 'beach rental'. Again, pictures were from last August/early September 2003. 

East Quoddy Lighthouse

Salmon pens


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