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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Brant - Kettle Cove, Cape Elizabeth

I've seen them here before, it's been a few years. I heard that there were three Brant hanging around Kettle Cove but needed to see them for myself..... so off I went.

Brant are actually geese, smaller than a Canadian for sure and coming in at just around 2' in length. There is a Western and an Easter variation and of course - I saw the Eastern. These guys are another Northern species that frequents our coast in the winter months and lives high up in the northernmost areas of Alaska and Canada in the summer. They eat ocean dwelling plants are also the fastest flyers of the goose family. And obviously, not very afraid of humans since they never really left the area they were canvassing for grub while I was there.

Stubby little critters and not afraid of much...

I ran across the bridge for a closer look then realized, I didn't have to worry. They didn't budge.

They actually came CLOSER to me, like they thought I would feed them.

So glad I got to see them!


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