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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Backyard Shenanigans - The Red Squirrel

"Hey lady - you know this is empty again? That red squirrel just sits here and eats up everything!"

"And he's wiped off the stump again too!"

"He just stuffs everything in his mouth and then hides it!"

"And probably can't remember where he put it either"

"He's nutty, have you ever seen him just sit there and stomp his feet and chatter like a lunatic over a leaf waving in the breeze? He's almost ready for a straight jacket."

"Hey - I'm RIGHT HERE you know! I can hear you...."

"....and you're all just jealous because I'm cute and colorful..."

"Ummm, you're the same color as me"

"Yeah - but I have thumbs. Discussion closed."


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