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Saturday, February 22, 2014

An old debate - a Coopers or a Sharp Shinned Hawk?

I had this bad boy swoop down into my back yard and attempt to pluck a bird from the feeders, however this time he wasn't so lucky and came out empty clawed. I got these images of him as he hung around, determined to get his breakfast before moving one but in the end, leaving hungry.

It was larger than a mourning dove and in flight was much meaner looking than the Sharpies I had seen before. The tail was rounded, not squared and Otherwise, the two are virtually the exact same bird.

So I posted one of the images on Facebook as a Cooper's hawk and was immediately asked to double check myself, since that was obviously a Sharp Shinned Hawk. That made me second guess myself. Ugh.

So - my readers - I'm going to see what you all think. I'm also adding this handy Feederwatch cheat sheet they gave to me to to help you make that decision. I still think it's a Coopers but am always willing to be proven wrong. :)

Regardless, it was a beautiful sight to see in my backyard - mostly because he didn't get any of my birdies.


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