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Friday, January 24, 2014

Why get a Maine Park Pass in the winter?

The 3rd week of January, I got my Maine vehicle Park Pass - along with my combo license and got the dogs registered - but I got my pass! Why so early you ask? It's only January - the parks don't open until around Memorial Day, right?  NOPE! There are so many opportunities in the winter for snowshoeing, cross country skiing and just winter hiking, a Park Pass just isn't for hitting the beaches! They keep the parking lots plowed so you don't have to walk 10 miles to get to the trail base.

Parks with fees that allow Winter use:
Using the Maine.gov site's Find parks and Lands feature will also show you plenty of other parks and places that can be used for winter fun that don't charge a fee - check it out.

You can purchase your Maine Park Pass online by going to Maine.gov's Division of Parks & Public Lands webpage, by requesting one at the park entrance booth or by checking off the box when you do your State tax returns. Trust me - it's worth it. One adult and two children will pay for the pass in 9 trips at the highest fees. Two adults and one child in 6 trips. Two adults and two children in 5. The list of parks with fees can be found here.

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