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Monday, January 20, 2014

What are YOU looking at? Snowy Owl at the Jetport, of all places.

We interrupt the scheduled blog events to present to you part of the eruption of Snowy owls on our Maine coast. Or just to show off pictures of them. 

There are been numerous sightings in the Portland and Greater Portland area - Biddeford Pool, Cape Elizabeth, Popham Beach and well, the Portland Jetport. I had to run an errand on Saturday and was in the area and low and behold - there sat this guy on a telephone pole, just hanging out. I was nervous about spooking him but he really didn't care much about me at all. I think he was more put out that I was staring at him than anything else. 

I'm finding that now that I know how and what to look for, they are relatively easy to spot - I mentioned to my mother that they were like hunting cows, they don't move much unless provoked and are pretty easy to photograph. Then again - I've only seen three in two days (I'll post the other ones in a future blog). 

So folks - go out and explore and look around you, it's amazing what you may miss if you're too busy trying to text and drive. ;)

When I first looked up I was like - NO WAY.


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