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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Fun with Mallards - Riverside Park, Westbrook ME

A very cold and blustery late November day, we were traveling through Westbrook and I randomly swung into Riverside park to see if he over abundance of Mallards were there, hanging out to wait for a handout from the locals. We were chased out of the park when they realized we had nothing with us to offer. 

"Since you pooped on the windshield of that last guy, how about if I handle this one"

"Pssst - you got anything in there? Anything? Old french fry? Bread? Anything?"

"I think there's something fishy going on here fellahs"

"I'm too cold to move, just throw whatever you got right over here"

"She's not throwing anything, let's get a closer look"

"Yeah, lady - you got anything to eat in that truck?"

"We don't like people who come around here, wake us up and not feed us lady." 

"You might want to consider just running along home."

"Don't stick up for her Ester. Just go back to minding your own business"

"C'mon boys, let's escort her out"


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