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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Wolf's Neck State Park, Freeport Maine

Another post from last summer - I know, teases of warmer days but I just didn't have the time to post it back then!

Wolf's Neck State Park is a quiet little spot on the outskirts of Freeport, far beyond the hustle and bustle of the downtown shopping area and L.L. Beans. The park sits on 200 acres on a peninsula and has plenty of trail system to keep you walking all day long. The trails run along the rugged coastline and then wind through the woods to bring you back where you started (trail map can be found here).

It was a little steamy on this particular day, but the salty offshore breeze helped to make it an enjoyable afternoon. We walked the Casco Bay trail to the Harraseeket trail, skipped along the Hemlock Ridge trail to meet back up with the Harraseeket Trail then followed the Old Woods Trail back to the parking area. We figured we really only walked a mile or so but keep a map handy, we easily got turned around a few times!

From the Casco Bay Trail lookout spot #6, with Googin's Island to the left

The Osprey from Googin's Island with a fish (really hard to see) for her fledglings (who hadn't left the nest yet). The island serves as an Osprey Sanctuary

Fishermen in the bay

Such a boy, he found a crab to terrorize for a few moments

The peninsula goes as far as you can see down, with Cousin's Island to the left in the distance (with the tower)

Indian Peace Pipes along the Casco Bay trailside

It's a Grammie G sighting!

From the beach spot located off the Casco Bay Trail stairwell at #8

HA! Someone is wearing down! A big rock alongside the Harraseeket Trailside

Princess Pines litter the trailside along the Hemlock Ridge Trail

The prettiest purple mushrooms I've ever seen! I promise, I'll look them up to find the species.

Snakeberry vines alongside the Old Woods Trail


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