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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Walking the 'lines and dodging snowmobiles

It was Sunday, the Monkey with his dad. Rollins was being naughty because he was bored; barking, chewing on my shirt sleeves, chasing the cat and begging to go out every 5 minutes. It was supposed to be snowing, the forecast called for 'partly cloudy skies with snow showers' but I looked out - it was sunny and 35 degrees.

I put on my snow boots and grabbed the leash. We were going for a walk.

Not far from my house is a set of power lines. I've blogged about them before, they run Northeasternish to Southwesternish and are used heavily in the winter as a snowmobile passage as part of the ITS or the Interconnected Trail System as a highway to Sebago Lake. Rollins and I took the trek down the road to hit the trail and I almost wish I had grabbed my snowshoes, but the trail was packed down well enough and the snowmobilers were few and far between. It was an enjoyable walk on a sunny (snowy) day and I actually worked up a bit of a sweat on our 4 mile trip.

Needless to say, Rollins is sleeping peacefully in the big frumpy chair. My work here is done.

Mr. Obnoxious prior to the walk. I know, he needs exercise!

Can't you get him out of here? Jeez, he's a pest!

Proof that we made it to the other road ;)

The winter version of Wild Asters

Rollins does some trail breaking
Looks like deer have passed through here

Sleuthing, doggy style

A well broken path that runs....

Right to a well scraped branch, just antler height....

Imagine that someone would put a tree stand directly on the other side! 

Still a few Winterberries for the birds

Looks like someone is dragging their belly a little

Fox tracks, most likely

Mooom! Are you still taking pictures? C'mon!

Looks like a deer on the run

Yep, that was a good trip

My work here is through. 


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