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Monday, January 7, 2013

Ferry Beach State Park, Saco Maine - the walking trails

Another old post that needed sharing. :) We love Ferry Beach State Park, this is just another reason why. They have fabulous walking trails that circle the park and run along the pond, bridges through the swampy areas, through the tupelo forest and then into a wonder canopy of big pines. And, it's all well maintained and monitored. I love it! This is a trip I took last summer.

Starting from the parking lot at the beach entrance corner

I love the signage - the trails are so clearly mapped!

Long Pond

This panel explains the history of the Tupelo forest

The famous Tupelo

We scared the crap out of each other! hahaha!

That is one dry streambed.

Park Rangers monitor the trails constantly - I love this. Makes it great for families (or women alone) to feel comfortable walking!

I highly recommend taking the time to walk the trail. I hit the beach, hung out, came up and walked the trails then went back down for a cool down swim. It was fabulous! This is a day that I'll repeat again and again. 


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