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Sunday, January 27, 2013

A chilly Sunday update

I know, I started out strong with a bunch of blogs them BAM! Nothing. Let me defend myself. First of all, it's been bitterly cold and I didn't feel like adventuring and getting all chilly n' stuff like that. Secondly, the kid has been taking up the majority of my time with his sports - like that's anything new, but it happens this time of year. I'm looking forward to the onset of spring and daylight hours that span past the time that I get home from work. Based on my phone countdown, there are 52 more days until the first day of spring. :)

Back to today. On this fine 27 degree day with a wind chill making it actually 10 degrees, the sun is bright and the sky a brilliant blue. I talked the boy into taking a walk with me and reluctantly, he agreed. So, off we went; the boy on his bike, Rollins with his new choke collar and myself bundled up with my earbuds queuing up some favorite tunes. Rollins and I walked briskly - it was definitely not leisurely pace type of day. He's learning how to walk nicely on a leash instead of trying to drag me down the road and he's doing a really good job of it. His nose to the air, he walked proudly beside me and kept a wary eye on that boy who was ripping up and down the road on his bike. Gosh - made me cold just watching him. I digress.

The deer have been everywhere around my house lately - ridiculously so. They have ripped up the sides of the road for almost entire length of the 1.7 mile trip we took. Their hoof marks are clearly defined in the sandy roadside and let me tell you - there is a Brutus walking amongst them - I'll take my camera along next time to get some pics. They are digging through the snow looking for acorns and finding quite the treasure trove of them based on the shells left behind. This winter has been mild and with such an abundance of food I can guarantee there will be some good hunting around here next fall!

So the kicker of this whole trip was that Rollins was walking on the snowbank sniffing along and he spooked a wild rabbit that took off so quickly, the Monkey and I both stopped and watched it go - then looked at each other for confirmation that we had really seen what we THOUGHT we had seen. I honestly have never seen a rabbit around here ever, although I've seen their tracks. I also haven't seen a rabbit in the woods since I went hunting up north about 12 years ago. Was a neat thing to share with the boy (he had never seen one before) - the dog, not so much. In that split second I realized that Rollins is NOT leash-less material yet. He wanted that white fuzzy fast moving thing pretty bad. :)

So there you have it, the most exciting thing we've done in like two weeks. I promise, it will get better soon enough. For the interim, I'm going to grab a blanket, curl up with my buddy in the Big Frumpy Chair and daydream of warmer weather, longer days and the adventures that are waiting for us.

Mommies walkies are exhausting!


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