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Monday, December 31, 2012

A New Years post - Goodbye to 2012

I wasn't going to do it, but couldn't just 'post' a post without finishing off the year. So, here it goes - the pretty pictures will have to wait until 2013.

2012 changed me. Some things willingly, some not so much, but I changed. Alot.

I lost friends, I gained friends. I changed my job for one that was much busier and was promoted months later to an ever busier one. I became addicted to Pintrist and realized that I have better fashion sense than I thought. I stopped taking pictures all the time and lost interest in blogging and birding. My house slowly became messier as my son's sports took over our lives. I went on a mission and lost 40 pounds, changing my outlook and wardrobe. I took a small trip and had the time of my life. We lost Samantha - the best furry friend I've ever known - to cancer. We adopted Rollins - a rescue dog with a sketchy past - and his love is greater than I ever imagined. I put myself in financial peril and learned that asking for help isn't all that bad. I fell in love with Kale and found out that Italian Wedding Soup isn't supposed to have tomatoes in it. And I opened my heart for the first time in years, learned to trust again and realized that not everyone is out to cause pain and suffering.

What am I expecting out of 2013? Nothing. Nothing at all. Like a rogue wave, I'm just going to keep on the path that I started. It's a winding road that doesn't allow me to see around the corner until it's too late, and the older I get, the less afraid I am of what is waiting around the bend. I say bring it on.

Happy New Years all - may the fresh start see you all happy, healthy and prosperous.


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