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Friday, January 20, 2012

Visitors in the backyard

Last week's storm brought our first snowfall with staying power, thanks to the help of some freezing rain / rain that lashed out across the area and left a thin crust of ice on top of the snow. The day after it snowed, Monkey noticed that something had walked across the lawn and driveway - we found 5 distinct sets of deer tracks - over varying sizes - where they had wandered in search of food.

That food is an abundant apple tree bordering the lawn of the house on the corner and the field that borders my lawn.

The next morning, after the crust had formed, they came back through in the similiar drove. These pictures are from the day after that, so it looks like an army marched across my lawn.

Right across the driveway

Superhighway across the front lawn!

Digging for supper

Munching down those tender morsels while they can still get them!

Getting in a little sliding time

Looking to see if the deer are still around......


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