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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Spring Point Light - January 7th

There is hardly ever a time in my mind when Portland Harbor looks like a Millpond, but on this day it truly was. Smooth as silk the only movement in the bay were the boats, the birds and the seals. I was just going to swing in real quick, scan the bay and then head off to the next stop but something called me - something made me wonder what was on the other side of the Jetty.........

A lobsterman works his way back into port

While another, on it's mooring, reflects in the harbor

Fort Gorges with channel bouys and a lobster pot in the foreground

Spring Point Light and it's reflection

Spring Point Light, with Little Diamond Island behind it and Cousin's Island to the far left

My first suprise - Snow Buntings! Ahh - excitement! More in the next blog!!!

Another lobster boat on it's way in

Fort Williams shines it's beacon my way like a wink

A trawler, probably setting sail to go shrimping, rounds the light

The skies were darkening - time to move on


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