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Thursday, January 12, 2012

A quiet day at Crescent - reminiscing back to last summer

Back last summer, I wrote down my day at Crescent Beach so I could blog about it later. I didn't think it was going to be this much later! Here I am, reminiscing about a day at the beach during one of the hottest stretches of summer I remember having in a long time. Ironically - today we are forecast to have our first big storm of the year with up to 10" of snow on it's way. With that said, please join me back on July 23rd, 2011.

"In search of solice - or solstice"

By 9:30 I was at the state park. The beach was freshly dragged and I was joined by a scattering of people across the cove. A Salt Marsh Sparrow provided the welcome chorus as I set up my station for the day, right next to the now dried up riverbed. There hasn't been enough rain (this summer) to allow the brackish water to flow out to sea and there would definitely be some disappointed youngsters when they showed up to play in the warm, shallow water. It was overcast but I lathed up with sunscreen knowing how quickly it could change. Kayakers & fishing boats, kids playing in the sand, waves crashing and the heady salt smell in the air. I relax with my latest edition of "Real Simple" and await the onslaught of beach goers trying to escape the heat.

At 11:30 the low tide provided a few shells, baby eiders in the waves and a 'shin splashing' - it's warm but not enough to take a full dip in the chilly atlantic. I spent some time reading "Mockingbird" with my iPod, the crashing surf and screaming children filtering in between songs. My people watching skillsprovide great entertainment while the sand flies verociously chew away at my ankles. Surprisingly, the beach is still relatively quiet.

I had my lunch of halved, scooped out tomatoes filled with chopped bacon, basil mayo and lettuce and they totally hit the spot. With the turning of the tide came a fantastic offshore breeze that, coupled with the hazy skies, could really be dangerous with a lack of sunscreen. I can see blue skies over my shoulder, slowly making their way towards me but I'm not complaining. The kids next to me just returned from the snack shack with candy equivalant to a massive Halloween haul. I sense a sugar buzz in the near future, I suppose it's time for a dip!

2:00 alert - the sardines have arrived in droves, one particularly rude couple decided to plant directly in front of me and started to place their umbrella in my 'personal space' until I asked if they wanted me to move. They moved ahead 5' and never looked back. I've since then tossed some food just behind them and the seagulls that ensued made me feel vindicated. I've spent leisure time in the icy surf, rolling in the swells just past the break line. I love to float on the surface and taste the salt on my lips and just ride the top of the waves. Life is really good.

3:00 - that's enough, more and more people keep arriving and I believe I've had enough sand and people for one day. The couple that were just to my right who stood up, shook off their towels and covered me with sand was pretty much the breaking point for me. All in all it was a fantastic day, but I believe my next day off will be spent at a beach a little less crowded. Time to go home and research.

Early morning, freshly dragged beach. So quiet and peaceful!

My precious 'finds' from my walk

Still nice and quiet - life is good

Filling up quickly, but still bearable

Ahhh - my friends. This was just after they moved forward and just before I provided treaties to the seagulls. Time to go home!


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