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Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years Day was just a walk on the beach....

Well, if you didn't drink too much bubbly for New Years Eve.

Bubster spent the night at our place for the New Years Eve, which was a great evening of XBox Kinect, Sparklers and a champagne toast at midnight. Determined not to stay stuck in my sedementary ways of the past few months, I packed them into the truck and we headed to the southard - destination? Pine Point Beach.

The parking lot was packed and there were people, dogs and horses everywhere. The boys took off running - the shells, smells and thrills of being on the beach in sweatshirts on January 1st blew their minds. I enjoyed my stroll ignoring the crowds and patted the dogs who stopped to say hello on the vast expanse of beach provided by the low tide.

Climbing atop the jetty brought sites of Eiders, Common Loons and Horned Grebes fishing in the swift currents, Prout's Neck, Ferry Beach and lighthouses in the distance. It was warm with a light breeze - it had to be around 50 degrees - and the boys tried to shed their sweats. I don't think so.

From the beach we rounded the corner to the co-op to see if I could snag some Long-Tailed ducks for my first day of submitting bird checklists of the year and they did not disappoint. We watched the lobstermen idle back to the dock and then I had to hustle the boys back to the truck. Can't just lounge around the beach all day you know!

Beach snipers

Overlooking Ferry Beach

Looking back towards Old Orchard Beach

A Common Loon with a tasty morsel of some sort

Female Eiders strolling in the currents

Ok - they shed their sweatshirts. It was almost hot behind the jetty!

A Horned Grebe - one of the many that day

At one point I counted 7 in one place, the most I've ever seen

Male Eider moves to better fishing grounds

Wood Island Lighthouse magestically stands in the background

"It" & "Spit"


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