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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ferry Beach (Prout's Neck) - January 7th

My perfect mom's day continued on at Ferry Beach off Prout's Neck. Again, the water was calm and the sun was warm. Here the sand sinks deep under the boots and the current runs swiftly by just off the sandy shore. I was pleasantly surprised to see female White-Winged and Surf Scoters paddling just offshore with Long Tailed ducks.

Here I got to meet Charlie, the over-exuberant chocolate lab, and a few other handsome four-legged creatures taking their masters out of a stroll on the beach.

Female Wing-Winged Scoter

Female Surf Scoters

Overlooking the Pine Point Co-Op, where I jad just left from

Long Tailed ducks

Charlie emerges from a quick swim

You can see how deep he's sinking, that's how this beach rolls


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