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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Downy's vs. Hairy's

I have many visitors that come to the feeders on the back porch, but the woodpeckers are my favorites. I typically have three regulars - two to the suet and one to my poor trees. The Pileated I've already spoken about, it's time for the smaller hardheaded friends and a monochrome blog.

Mr. & Mrs. Downy make daily visits. The smallest of my friends, they are the least timid. I can always tell when it's them even from a distance as they are barely as tall as the wire suet cage they hang from. He has a red cap, she has none.

Mr & Mrs. Hairy come when they feel the need. When hanging on the suet basket they are easily identifyable as they usually stand a full head and tail larger. My pair nested out back this past summer, I had three very uncoordinated Hairy babies flitting through the backyard on numerous occasions. It was a thrill! Again - the male has a red cap and the female.... none.

I hope this helps you identify which species of woodpecker is visiting your back yard!

Mrs. Downy - missing the red cap

Whatcha looking at there broad?

Mr. Downy, sporting his red dome

Mrs. Hairy - you can see - is much larger than the wire cage. Mr. Hairy is identical except with a red crown.


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