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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Nest box: West Woodline 1 - Chickadees!

This family fledged a few weeks ago, but the pictures are too cute not to share. :) Here are the babies that grew up in my 'West Woodline Nestbox'.

Hmmm, sturdy - well crafted....

Great branch positioning above...

Honey! Come down here and take a look at this!

Chickadees start with lots of moss, leaving a 'cubby hole' in the back for the actual nest.

Here you can see they found some insulation and what looks like it could be Sammie's butt fur

I'm not sure who's fur that is in the back though

And finished off with some porucpine quills - the soft ones, that is

6 pretty little eggs snuggled up in the back

And six wiggly babies emerged

Umm - excuse me, if you aren't going to feed them can you please get out of the way?

Getting big fast! Pin feathers setting in!

Looking quite haggard now, I suppose I would too if I had to feed 6 mouths all day every day

Last shot before they left. Perfect little chickadee babies!


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