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Monday, July 25, 2011

Monkey's first day offshore... and the Bluefin Tuna they brought home

Some people can go offshore fishing for tuna every day of their life and never get one in the boat. My first trip out was on a whim, decided upon the night before, and they swore I would never make it through the day without getting sick. Not only did I persevere, but we caught the 325 pound bluefin on the fish I kissed for good luck. After tucking two more under my belt, I had my son and well - time gets tight when you're raising kids.

Monkey's father called to ask my opinion about taking him offshore now that he's turned 10. I agreed and was so excited for him I couldn't contain myself! I told him everything I could about fishing and what he needed to do, when he needed to do it and made sure he got plenty of sleep. He was picked up at 9:00 and off they went, and I settled in for a 'me' day puttering around the house. Around 2:00, I got a call "Mom, I can't talk but we're hooked up - I love you!". Click. About an hour later, I called them - I was dying! Was it a shark? Was it a tuna? What was happening? "Daddy just threw the harpoon into it". WHAT? Seriously? "Yep, I'll call you back". I started getting dressed - there was no way they weren't coming into the dock on my boy's first trip without getting pictures from the dock! "We'll be there around 5:00" was the next call - so would I!

85" long and about 300 pounds, the fish looked very similiar to the one we caught on my first trip. Needless to say, his father and I were both incredibly proud of our little fisherman - who had caught the bait that caught the big tuna. Now there are three of us dying to get offshore!

Here they come!

Monkey on the flybridge with Chuck

Oh, my big fisherman!

He said he was so nervous - there were a TON of people around

Family tradition

Oh, he looks so natural

The buyer just got done checking the quality - see the tail cutting? That's where they check for fat marbling - the more, the better..

Monkey watches the show - taking it all in. I'll tell you, he slept like a BABY that night!


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