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Monday, July 4, 2011

The Maine Wildlife Park - Gray Maine

We made the big trip upta Lisbon to pick up and bring Grammie G home with us for a whirlwind couple of days. We had some loose plans - a beach of some sort, a little league All Stars baseball game, a beach of some sort, bring her back home, but with us one never knows that is truly in store. After packing her stuff in the car, the Monkey reminded me that I had said something about the Maine Wildlife Park. That was easy, our first stop was set in stone.

This is a trip that Monkey and I try to make during the summer months, Grammie G couldn't remember the last time she was there. Located off Rt 26 in Gray, it's not far off the Turnpike and very easy to find. They've changed things around again, with better enclosures for the porcupines, skunks, opposums, racoons, lynx and they are currently working on a much needed new setup for the mountain lion.

Our cost to get in with child, adult and senior ticket was $17.00 + $2.00 in quarters to feed the deer, bears and trout. We spent 2 1/2 hours there and could have spent much longer if we weren't on a semi-tight schedule. The trails are perfect for walking, pushing a stroller or for wheelchairs, with the exception of the nature trail that winds through the woods and has many tree roots sticking through (as GG found out the hard way). If you have the time, it's well worth the trip. I'm still contemplating the photographer's pass that allows direct access to the animals. :) The pictures below are nothing in comparison to what you CAN see at the park.

Link to the Maine Wildlife Park's State Site for Fees and Hours

Link to the Friends of the Maine Wildlife Park site

Link to the Maine Wildlife Park on Facebook - Be sure to like the page!

No, not real - but he sure looks it!

In the learning center, filling in the puzzle

Brown trout in the big tank

GG plays with the animal track maker

Salmon in the big tank


"Hey! You! Yeah you! Got anything to eat? No? How about wire cutters?"

Albino Porcupine = cool!

Albino Raccoon = double cool!

Oh yeah, look out for the overly friendly chipmunks, they will run right over your feet!

Monkey taking pictures of the deer

Beautiful velvet forming



House Wren

Mountain Lion

The Nature Trail

So boring!

Shiners in the turtle pool


Feeding the trout


Bald Eagle

Looks just like Cattie, my cat!

Albino Peacock



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