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Friday, July 1, 2011

Fishing at Spring Point Light / SMCC

I couldn't tell you the last time I wet a line in Saltwater. After talking over tuna fishing and charting with a fellow blogger it's been eating away at me for some time now. I decided the other day that enough was enough. I purchased a new saltwater surfcaster rod n' reel, a few odds n' ends and considering that the weather wasn't supposed to be beach material, we headed to Spring Point to try our chances at catching a few mackerel to make the boy happy.

Now, that kid of mine isn't going to use that great big rod for what he thinks he will, that's for mom to do some stripering. However, it did need to be broken in, so I set it up with the mackerel jig and left his little freshwater rod set up with a daredevil. I'm living proof that those will catch as many mackerel as anything else, so there was no need to switch anything up.

It took a bit, they aren't running hard yet - but I ended up breaking the ice by pulling in the first tink. Monkey insisted that my rod was the key, but I insisted that he keep casting the daredevil. Sure enough, he caught one of his own. As quickly as it started, it ended. he soon became bored and I decided it was time to play on the beach. There is plenty of time to catch a full stringer for supper this summer, I can't wait for a fun night of Striper fishing real soon.

Note the Osprey nest in the background. They've been coming back for as many years as I can remember.

Be easy with that big rod little buddy!

Young Eiders feeding along Spring Point Marina's docks

Looks close - how many birds do you see? Mom, dad, two babies and a House Sparrow?

Let's just play on the beach!

A 'socked in' Spring Point lighthouse

Walking on water!

Ahhh - there she is!

Ok - this isn't Spring Point. We stopped to check out a new trail on the way home and stumbled across this Song Sparrow, living up to his name.

Sing away little guy - we'll be back for a full blog soon!


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