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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Chronicling the Bluebird babies

I seriously thought my Bluebirds weren't coming back this year, but then - out of the blue - they arrived and slam-dunked a nest in the Juniper nestbox over the course of a weekend. Very tolerant of box-checking, I love how this couple follows me around the yard and sings to me (probably more like they are keeping tabs on me). This pair has had four broods in the yard over the past three years now, and I'm hoping they are up for round two!

Mr. & Mrs. B's favorite perching tree

The blew in around the end of May - this is day one

Three days later, a completed nest awaits

And three days after that (June 4th) we had two eggs. No wonder she was in such a hurry!

Four perfect little eggs, waiting to hatch

June 19th two naked bodies appeared - you'll notice the one to the bottom/left just hatched, he's still wet!

June 26th, you can see in their feathers the blue starting to shimmer

June 30th, our last box opening - pin feathers formed and you'll also notice the fourth egg to the left that never hatched. :(

Looking for a handout on July 4th

Mom and Dad tolerate me, but are very secretive. I was suprised to find that the babies fledged on the 8th of July with no warning. Now that's no way to treat your grammie! Boxes are cleaned out and ready, just in case. I swear I saw this couple 'playing' the other day...... maybe more to come!


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