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Saturday, May 28, 2011

I have no excuses, I have no lies. I've been downright busy and that's why I haven't been blogging. That and the weather was so crappy I had nothing to write about and didn't want to put anyone reading through the hell of listening to me whine.

We've been playing baseball, practicing and playing games weekly and games on the weekends. I say 'we' because again this year I was appointed team mom and have been right there helping with practices and in the dugout during the games keeping the lineup in order and as well as the boys themselves.
 "Can I ask my mom a question?"
"What would you like to ask her?"
"If when we get home I can play the X-Box until 9:00"
"Have you done your homework yet?"
"Ummm, no"
"Then no, you may not ask your mother because you need to do your homework first. Go sit down and pay attention to the game!"
Greatfully the parents totally appreciate me! They are doing really well this year - when we can play. Soccer on Sundays, a Mother's day weekend and my neice's graduation have tightened the playtime belt even further, along with the rain.

For awhile I thought we would need an ark!

I've had the pair of Tree Swallows who have made camp in the East Roadside Nestbox, but have yet to lay eggs. They've been fierce about protecting it too, so I'm assuming they are waiting for the biological clock to say 'It is time'.

Now that the weather is warming and the rain has subsided, I've had two pairs of Bluebirds show up and take the time to shop the leftover Nestboxes. Eastern Woodline is always a big hit, as it overlooks the yard and the adjoining field, I had put a few pine needles trying to entice someone to take it over, but one male decided he didn't like those old needles and took them back out. :)

The new box - Western Roadside - hasn't been getting the attention I had hoped it would. It's still early. I have no Chickadees nesting so far this season and to be honest - they haven't been around much.

During the rain I refused to fill the feeders so they would get soggy and sprout through the mesh so alot of my feeder buddies have gone looking for other food sources. I filled them today and I can hear the BlueJays alerting everything in a 10 mile radius. They'll all be back soon enough.

Other than that - the Catbird and Wood Thrushes are singing into the night and the pair of Grackles nesting in the house next door have hatchlings. The Hummingbirds have narrowed down to one male and one female, so no more fighting amongst the ranks. The Rose-Breasted Grosbeak and Scarlet Tanager have both returned, adding a new hue of red to the palate, along with the Cardinal.

That's it in a nutshell - I'm just hoping it warms nicely and doesn't go from 60 to 100 degrees overnight, I'm just not ready for that! I need some adventures!

"Oh my gosh - she IS still alive!"

Monkey playing soccer and scoring goals - two in two games

And he recently pitched 7 strikeouts in one game, and made two plays to first for outs

**Sigh** this is all we saw for weeks!

Congratulations Heather! ♥

Mr. B #1 showed up around Tuesday morning to scope out the houses

And was still checking them out Wednesday night...

Which did not bode well for Mrs. Tree Swallow, she kept a close eye on the house

A second pair of BlueBirds showed up today, I personally think this is my returning pair

I hope they don't choose this house, I need to move it!

Mrs. Hummingbird is a steady customer at the 'Dew drop in'. I think she likes to drink ;) 


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