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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Birdhouse turnover - The Tree Swallows have come to town

The Spring housing market here in Buxton Foreside is is full swing. I added a new box to the property and named it West Roadside, as it sits in the south westernmost corner of my property near the road. Aptly named, eh? Anyway, although I had multiple pairs of bluebirds arrive and scope out the territory, none of them stayed which makes me fear for the lives of Mr. & Mrs. B who have faithfully returned to the 'foreside for the past few years. Perhaps they are just running a little late. They better not be too late, the Tree Swallows have taken over the property.

One pair in particular have taken residence, fighting for the right to freely soar across the field looking for bugs. They are here every morning to take on competitors and are gone in the evenings when we get home from our daily duties. Although my heart is torn out with the abscence of my Bluebirds, these guys are trying their best to cheer me up. And so far - no dive bombs. :)

Nice location, plenty of space, great view.... this isn't all that bad!

Fighting off the competition

Did you see this one? This is nice too...

No, my mind is made up - this is the one...

I think I'm going to like it here.


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