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Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Popham Beach stroll - continued - The End

Turning back towards the truck meant that we would have our backs to the wind. Yee-haw! We ambled along the beach, marveling at the colors of the sky and water - it almost didn't look real. We turned the corner again, sheltered from the wind for the most part, and were again greeted by Red-Throated Loons and Eiders in the rip currents of the Kennebec River's output to the sea. By the time we got to the truck we were both tired, windburned and ready to sit down. It was well worth every step.


Red-Throated Loon


The old Coast Guard Station. We used to stay in a place just to the left, I miss it terribly.

Ft. Popham

The pigeons are nesting in the cracks of the fort.

Phippsburgh Cove

As a kid, we used to grab the rope, run around and swing over the water and back onto the pier. :)


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